As a Singapore kiasu player when you visit any online casino and see SCR or SGD 1000 bonus flashing in the site’s homepage you at once jump and smile as you know that this maybe a short cut to increase your bankroll to play real money slots. With so many kinds of bonuses your mind is diverted to have the most of them. Any Singapore or Malaysian friendly casino will offer the following types of bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Daily Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Sportsbook Bonus
  • Mobile Bonus
  • Introduce your friend Bonus
  • Casino Lose Rebate Bonus
  • Weekly Bonus
  • Slot Rebate Bonus
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • New Game Bonus

With so many bonuses on the list why would not any Singaporean or Malaysian not try casino games to play. But before you leap forward to make a deposit at such generous casinos you need to understand what these bonuses are and how they work. Remember the casino are commercial business centers and also see their profits when offering such bonuses. They do take care of players needs too but certainly they earn revenue as not all players are winners and losers means more profit to the casino. Here are few common types of bonuses found at Singapore online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus at Singapore online casinos

This bonus is available at all online casinos. Some may call them sign up bonus and others call them welcome bonus. It’s a welcome offer for new players. So that means only new players or players who enter the casino for the first time can avail this bonus. Obviously as a new player you need to register at the casino and make initial deposit of say SGD5 or SGD20 to get this bonus.

These bonuses can make a huge difference to your bank role before you even start playing. The welcome casino bonus can be anything from 50% up to 500%, but normally sits around the 100% mark. This 100% bonus is called a match bonus, meaning the casino will match whatever deposit you make, in effect, doubling your money. With a match bonus, if you deposit SG$200 the casino will give you another SG$200 in bonus cash. So your total bank roll will be SG$400.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus

This bonus is very attractive as you need not make any deposit but have few SG$ to play casino slots all free. This is also mostly offered to new players to test the casino first and build trust on the casino before making a deposit. Because this is entirely the casino’s money, the bonuses here are normally little, say SG$20 or SG$50 or even come in the form of free chip.

These bonuses are the best kind because they are simply free money – however, they are usually only quite small and may have some restrictions place on them, such as certain wagering requirements, meaning that players must wager the bonus a certain number of times before they are able to cash it out. One thing more no deposit  bonuses are rare to find at online casinos and are offered from time to time for a short period and then removed. So you need to always check the latest casinos bonus offers.

Sportsbook Bonus

Sports Book Bonus

As these days online casinos offer Sports book to bet and gamble on various sports games this bonus is also offered to players.  The most popular type of bonus is the free bet. Many sportsbooks will have a headline banner along the lines of “Deposit $50 and receive a $50 free bet” or “Deposit SG$5 and receive a SG20 free bet”.

The other popular type of bonus is the cash bonus where you’ll receive a percentage of your deposit added to your account. Here you might see “100% cash bonus” or “50% cash bonus up to $100”.

You’ll notice that attached to both of these types of bonuses will be terms and conditions and it would be extremely rare to find a sportsbook that simply offers these free bets without them. The small-print in these offers are where you find out what the bonuses actually are. Therefore on seeing a bonus, look very carefully into the terms and conditions before signing up.

Fixed Rate Bonus

Fixed Rate Bonus

Another kind of casino bonus that can entice new players to a site is the fixed rate bonus. With these bonuses, if you deposit a minimum amount, the casino will give you a set amount on top in bonus cash. Often, these bonuses encourage you to deposit more than you would normally in order to get the biggest bonus. For example, a SG$50 deposit may receive a 50% bonus, but a SG$100 deposit could receive a 100% bonus. In this case, it is worth thinking about upping your deposit to take advantage of the free money on offer.

Introduce a Friend Bonus

Refer a friend bonus

This is the bonus that is probably the easiest to get but if you have lots of friends or acquaintances. One simply has to get more people to sign up with the casino using a casino provided referral code. You can simply sign up your friends and other colleagues for a simple bonus, or you can get them to make a real cash deposit and get extra bonuses. The more the number of players you refer, the bigger your bonus gets!

Free Spin Bonus

Free Spin Bonus

You must have heard many online casinos offering Free spin bonuses like the Rich Casino offering 25 free spins to play with 500% match bonus. So these are very common these days at online casinos. These free spin bonuses either come alone or come along with welcome bonuses. Most casinos offering free spins as part of their sign up bonus allow you to use some or all of the spins before you are required to make a deposit into your account. If the free spins were awarded on a no deposit bonus basis, you may be required to make an initial deposit before you can continue to play with your winnings.

Cash Back Bonus

Cash Back Bonus

The name of this bonus says it all, cash that is given back in the form of bonus. This type of bonus is usually given as a percentage of your deposits or wagers. A casino can offer 25% Cashback which comes with 10 times playthrough and no maximum payout. Which means you can claim 25% cashback via customer support team on every deposit you make without using a deposit bonus.

Online casinos usually give these rewards as bonuses that may then be subjected to certain wagering requirements. A handful of online casinos that give these bonuses with no strings attached, but this would typically depend on your VIP level at the casino.

Casino cash back bonuses are based on a pretty fair concept. The more you decide to play and wager, the more money you get back as cash back. As you continue to play under cash back programs you will see how rewards and special promotions can unfold in the form of bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus

Exclusive bonus

These are bonuses that you will see at certain online casinos where the casino has made an exclusive deal with the casino offer specially to its members. These bonuses can be any of the above mentioned variants, so always make sure you read the details of the offer and the terms and conditions of the casino. Like some websites other than casinos also offer exclusive bonus if you play casino games through their web portals

Loyalty Bonus or VIP Bonus

VIP bonus

Loyalty bonuses are given to players who have reached a certain status at an online casino. The amounts and types for the bonus will vary from casino to casino and some casinos will not require a playthrough or wagering. When you become a VIP member at the casino you can avail loyalty bonus that are mostly in the form of comp points. Therefore as a regular VIP member you earn comp points like 10 points for every $1 you wager, and after you have accumulated a set number these can then be exchanged for casino credits.

Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus comes once you have claimed generous bonuses offered by online casinos for signing up, you can top up your account with some more money to continue playing. This also makes you eligible for the reload bonus. In layman terms, this bonus offers extra benefits to you for each deposit made after the first one. Some online casinos, ones with a subscription model, prefer to call this a monthly casino bonus, and will apply the bonuses monthly.

Other bonuses at online casinos

Other casino bonuses include, special offers on playing at live casino,  some days of the week, or on certain holidays, extra percentages when using a specific payment method or on playing a new game.

Things to look out for when claiming any bonus offer at online casino

  • You need to read the terms and conditions attached to all of the bonus offers before claiming any bonus at online casinos.
  • Note that these bonuses are usually  ‘sticky’, that is, cannot be withdrawn straight away. Normally, Singaporean players have to wager the bonus a certain number of times before they can cash it out. This is so that the casino has a chance to get its money back and ensures that you do actually play at the site and don’t simply withdraw your free cash and move along to the next casino to take advantage of a new bonus elsewhere.
  • Also many casinos exclude certain games or bets from counting towards your wagering requirements. Often these casinos disallow games or bets with a low risk for the player. This means that games with a lower house edge are out of bounds, for example, blackjack is often a disallowed game, as are even chance bets on roulette. The requirements and conditions are always different depending on where you play, so it is crucial to check the rules on wagering requirements or you may find yourself in the situation where you cannot cash out your money.
  • If you are a winner note that casino bonus comes along with a maximum cashout condition. This means that you may only be able to cash out 10 times the bonus amount. So if you hit the big progressive jackpot only a fraction of the win will be available to you and you will be made to continue playing with the rest.
  • Also important to note is that most of the Singapore friendly online casinos do accept players from Singapore but might not allow you to have these bonuses in your own currency that is SGD and even making a deposit might be in Euros or US dollars. So calculate the currency exchange rate and then judge what amount you will get in your own currency.
  • Always play at reputed, licensed and popular online casino who really offer these bonuses and there is  no problem to cash out your winnings. Sure enough they need to make your withdraw on time is what is meant here.

With these things in mind it’s always positive to have these wonderful bonuses as they surely increase your bank to play games.

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