Where To Play Triple Edge Poker Online In Singapore?

Where to play Triple Edge Poker online in Singapore

Triple Edge Poker is a poker game variant powered by Betsoft. You can play Triple Edge Poker at Betsoft powered online casinos at Singapore for free or with real money. Here players will get to play a simple form of poker with a unique feature – a single deck poker table game with hands of 3 cards. Actually the Triple Edge Poker is two games in one, thanks to the Pair Plus side bet which allows you to win even more money per hand.

Choose how many hands you wish to bring into play – the more you have in play, the more chance you have of winning. Also, you can place side bets to win bonus cash

How to Play Triple Edge Poker?

Triple edge poker online
Triple edge poker online

To Play Triple Edge Poker first pick your gaming device in which you wish to play the game. That can be a mobile smartphone, Laptop, PC or Tablet.

Now choose a friendly Betsoft powered online casino to play Triple Edge Poker.

Some good examples of such online casinos are Rich Casino and 7 Reels Casino.

Both these online casinos accept players from Singapore and allow you to make a friendly deposit in SGD or BTC to play poker or slots with real money.

After the formalities of joining the online casino head to the games lobby and search for poker games

You will find Triple Edge Poker listed there.

Click or Tap on it and you are ready to play Triple Edge Poker game either for free or with real money.

As said above Triple Edge Poker being classed as two games in one, you don’t need to learn new skills to play – you simply take your virtual seat and get ready to play.

Chip denominations of 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00 and 500.00 are sitting to the lower right and your balance, wins and help options are opposite this.

As it is an online video format of poker games you wont find any dealer as in Land casinos and the cards just appear automatically. Choose your chip denominations and drag them onto the table to start.

The minimum betting limit in Triple Edge Poker is 1.00 and the maximum if 100.00 in chips per player, per position, so if you were to play high limit stakes across 3 hands, it would cost you 300.00. The minimum Pair Plus side bet is 1.00 and the maximum is 50.00 in chips per player, per position. Place your chips you wish to wager into the ante box on the table – if you wish to place the Pair Plus side bet, you need to do this at the same time.

You will choose from the Ante or Pair plus bet. There is also the option to place bets on both of them. The Ante bet is represented by the square on the table, where you will place your bet. The circle with a P+ represents the Pai plus bet.

Once done with your your bet you have to press the deal button to start the game. The dealer will deal each active hand 3 cards face up and three common cards face down in the house (where the dealer stands). View your cards and decide whether to raise and call or fold and lose.

  1. Ride or Fold – once you have checked your cards, you can choose to either fold or ride. If you want to continue the match, click the ride button. However, if you don’t like your hand, you can choose to fold. If you fold, you lose the bet.
  2. Dealer qualifies – if you choose to ride, the dealer will reveal their cards. If the dealer’s cards have a queen or better, then they qualify. However, if the dealer does not have the cards, you win the Ante bet 1 to 1.
  3. Payouts – once the ante bet is settled, then you will move on to the pair plus bet. You will win the pair plus bet if you have a pair or better.

Payouts achievable are:

Straight: 1:1

Three of a kind: 4:1

Straight flush: 5:1

By placing bets on the side bet, you can win even more cash on more options:

Pair: 1:1

Flush: 4:1

Straight: 6:1

Three of a kind: 30:1

Straight flush: 40:1

Side Bets the Game

The tip to winning big cash in online Triple Edge Poker is to bring those side bets into play, because not only do you win more cash when you hit a win, but you have additional ways to make money. Without the side bets, you have your typical poker game, which isn’t very exciting, but with side bets comes more risk – you need to put your money where your mouth is and spend more money, but you are giving yourself more chances of winning, it’s a win-win situation in many players opinion.

Dealing is fast, but you can play at your own pace, thanks to there being no timer in place. Play for free in test mode before switching to real cash, to get a feel of how the game is played, without risking your own money.

 indulge in a simple form of poker with a unique feature – a single deck poker table game with hands of 3 cards, but that’s not all, free Triple Edge Poker is two games in one, thanks to the Pair Plus side bet which allows you to win even more money per hand.

Choose how many hands you wish to bring into play – the more you have in play, the more chance you have of winning. Place side bets to win bonus cash and indulge in a virtual casino experience in your own home.

Rules to play Triple Edge Poker

Triple Edge poker at Rich Casino
Triple Edge poker at Rich Casino

There are basic rules to know before you can start playing the game. The rules are similar to the 3card poker since the game is a version of it. You have the option to make the main bet and the side bet.

  • If you place the ante bet, you will have to raise your stake with the same amount you bet after seeing your cards.
  • When you choose to fold, you lose the ante bet.
  • When the dealer has a hand with a queen or better, they qualify.
  • You will win the ante and play bet when the dealer qualifies. Your hand has to beat the dealer’s hand based on the paytable.
  • If the dealer fails to qualify, the ante bet and get a 1 to 1 payout.
  • You will lose your ante bet when the dealer has a better hand than yours and qualifies.
  • If there is a tie and the dealer qualifies, the best will be a push.
  • Payouts are made according to the paytable.

Your hand has to have a pair or better to win the pair plus bet, and the payout will be according to the pair paytable.

What is the best strategy to play Poker?

Triple Edge Poker provides bettors with strategic decisions to make. The payouts on the Ante Bet range as high as 7-to-1, but the Pair Plus side bet has payouts as high as 40 to 1. Because you only need to match three cards instead of five, big hands happen more often on this poker variation. The game thus appeals to players looking for big payouts with a realistic chance of hitting. Coin denominations are $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $100.00, and $500.00, so it’s is available for low stakes players or high rollers.

Triple Edge Poker strategy is amazingly simple. If you hold a Queen-Six-Four or better, then click “Ride” to raise your bet. If you hold less than a Q-6-4, then you should fold. Beginners should keep in mind that suited hands are flushes, so the card value does not matter in those cases. You need to follow to this simple rule and you’ll have optimal results.

Why play Triple Edge Poker?

Triple Edge Poker’s Ante Bet has a house edge of 3.37%, which is better than American roulette, most table poker games, and most pokies machines.

The Pair Plus bet has a house edge of 7.28%, which is expected given the high payouts. The combined house edge is 5.32%, which is comparable to American roulette. Given the slightly higher payouts (40:1 to 35:1), the two games are quite comparable.

If you want an online table game with better odds, you should play other table games like blackjack, baccarat, or craps. Those who prefer poker strategies and higher payouts are going to enjoy Triple Edge Poker. While you’ll find video poker games with better odds, most of those games do not the more exciting payout table. The 40-to-1 payouts and the given poker strategy makes this online poker game variant worth to play. Also, the bonus offers at Betsoft online casinos are simply amazing that certainly adds to your bankroll to play this video poker online.

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