Rock the Boat

Rock the boat slot

Rock with the King of Rock and Roll! Albeit in a boat…Yes, its an odd mixture but the Rock the Boat slot machine is one of the finest, funniest and most generous poker machines in the 32Red arsenal. Rock The Boat is a Classic Slot machine game with 3 reels and 1 paylines.

About the game

Rock the Boat has a wild, multiplier symbol and the maximum payout is 1,600 coins. The Elvis symbol is wild and substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations. A single Elvis symbol doubles the payout of any combination it completes. Two Elvis symbols quadruple the payout of any combination they complete.

This 3 reel, 1 payline slot is yet another classic from this giant game provider. The maximum jackpot here is 4000 coins, which is a little on the low side but obviously if you’re wagering the higher coin values then this could still present some big winnings.

Rock the boat slot paytable

Game Symbols

If Elvis took a trip in a small wooden boat, this slot would be the product of his trip. The logo is literally Elvis in his signature white jumpsuit, mic in hand, posed on a small rowing boat with a lighthouse in the background. We’re slightly bemused, but we like it. The Elvis wild is the main element of the theme, with a white guitar being one of the other symbols. The feature  most popular is that every time the reels stop spinning and land on a winning combination, the sound effect is the first two chords of Blue Suede Shoes. You can’t get much more Elvis than that.

Other symbols consist of the traditional Bar, from Any Bar to 3 Bar and a lighthouse to accompany the theme. It’s like a traditional slot machine and Elvis had a baby, although honestly this game takes more from the slot machine tradition than it does from its Elvis theme. If Elvis were still with us, he could justifiably question the games legitimacy.

Stake at the game

You can play this game in two values; one coin or two coin. Obviously with two coin wagering, your bets will be higher but the winnings are also double those of the one coin mode so it may be worth the extra spend. The coin denominations are 0.25 to 5 and you can bet one or two coins per spin, choosing each time between the one coin and two coin winning potential.

There are a total of 9 winning combinations and the only feature you need worry about is the Elvis wild, which acts as both Wild and a multiplier, potentially quadrupling your winnings when betting two coins. Apart from the one and two coin options and the Elvis wild, it’s easy peasy. The pay table will explain the potential winnings with the different symbols.

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