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Premiere Roulette DE began in the US at a land-based Atlantic City casino. It followed a traditional route to Las Vegas where it found a huge audience and quickly made the jump to online roulette casinos worldwide. What gives Premiere Roulette DE its exciting new edge? Premier Roulette Diamond Edition takes the well-known and well-loved game of online roulette and gives it the star treatment. The game, from Microgaming, is a much improved edition of their popular online roulette standard game and offers fans a number of improvements over the original game.

More colours! Instead of simply having to choose between red and black, Singaporen online casino players can select from 1 to 36 in red, black, green, yellow, purple and blue.
Premier Roulette offers the same great game play with the added extras of customisable game design. It might not seem like much but with not much left to improve upon, it does add a new aspect and a nice one at that.

Game rules

In terms of rules, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition follows the standard set for European roulette with some added gameplay extras. Visually the game is quite different from the sort of roulette that most Canadians are used to playing at online casinos. This is because Microgaming have decided to go with the roulette wheel in the center of the screen and not at the end of the table as you will no doubt find in most online roulette games.

This makes the game a lot more interesting to look at and you also have the additional option of playing in regular or expert modes. The two modes control how full your roulette game display is with expert offering all the options available on screen on an expanded table. Regular mode offers a more streamlined view of the roulette table with only the essentials on display. This mode is recommended to beginner roulette players as the simplified screen is a lot easier to deal with.

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