Major Millions 5 Reel

major millions jackpot

The Major Millions 5 Reel slot machine game has fifteen paylines and is a fifteen coin slot machine. This game has 15 paylines and a massive 33 winning combinations plus an ongoing progressive jackpot. There is also a scatter feature and the wild card feature which also acts to triple your winnings.

The online slot machine symbols include the Major, a tank, an airplane, a battleship, medals, a case of ammunition, a top-secret letter, the major’s hat, and field binoculars. The twin themes of military and money are also present in the sound effects: you will hear a rousing military marching band overlaid with the unmistakable “ka-ching” of a cash register.

So the console is filled with all sorts of icons such as planes, tanks, war ships and many more to set your pulse rising. While you will be dealing more with these symbols, keep looking for scatter and wild symbols as these can help you to win a jackpot and other massive winnings.

The graphics are pretty detailed, which indicate that quite a lot of effort has been put in making the game. The wild symbol can substitute most other symbols, but the scatter. The winnings obtained with its help get tripled straightaway.

The game play

Major Millions 5 Reel

It has 15 paylines, giving the player many chances to win. It has payouts whenever you get three or more of the same symbol on an enabled payline. It has a wild symbol, which substitutes for any other slots symbol to create a winning combination, and triples your payout in the bargain. It has a scatter symbol, which wins whenever three or more of them appear anywhere on the online slot machine, regardless of paylines.

There is no limit, the jackpot can keep growing into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars. In fact, when you play Major Millions, you can actually see the progressive slots jackpot growing on the Jackpot Meter right on your gaming screen. Then, when someone hits the winning combination — five Major Millions symbols on the 15th payline — and that lucky online slots player wins the entire progressive jackpot.

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